Albania Travel Guide

In addition to the extremely cheap prices, Albania has become one of the most preferred travel centers in recent times with its untouched nature, suitability for fantastic nature activities and friendly people. As a transit point between Macedonia and Montenegro, it has become a stopover for many travelers. Travelers who stop in Albania due to insufficient publicity limit their trips to Tirana and Podgradec.

Explore the countryside by train. One of the things to do during your trip to Albania should be exploring the countryside. You can explore these areas by train journey. The cheapness of train tickets will double your enjoyment. The most popular routes are Tirana, Podgradec and Durres, although Albania Rail serves different routes around the country. Traveling by neglected, noisy and crowded trains Although at first glance it may seem difficult for some, the train journey in Albania is very attractive even under these conditions. Along the way you will feel that time has stopped. If there is anything better than a train journey adventure in Albania, it must be a ferry trip. You do not complete your journey without a ferry trip in the Adriatic Sea.

Historic Mosaic

Exploring the history of Albania will also be very appealing to those interested in such issues. The Roman Empire, which you can see in the ancient ruins, castles, monasteries, mosques and cathedrals that have survived until today, is home to a historical mosaic that the people of the country can proudly claim. The capital of the country, Tirana, is a city that is easy to explore as a natural consequence of the mass of residential areas. It attracts people with its Italian, Ottoman and Russian architecture. It is possible to come across many historical ruins in the city. Skanderberg Square from the Italian period can be a good starting point to explore the city. Tirana kahramans Skanderberg Square has a statue of an equestrian hero representing the 15th century.

Fascist architecture, archaeological museums and squares will take you to other lands while visiting Albania. Ethem Bey Mosque, Clock Tower located in the city center, Mrtyrs Cemetery where you can see the most beautiful views are the most important tourism values ​​of the capital. The National Museum of History and the Palace of Culture (Muzeu Historik Kombetar), the largest museum in the country, was designed in 1981 by Albanian architect Enver Faja. The giant mosaic ‘Albanians ındaki in front of the museum represents the development of Albanian history.

Traffic will surprise you

Although Albania is the poorest and underdeveloped country in Europe, when you come to its capital, Tirana, you will encounter heavy and complicated traffic. While the total number of cars in Albania did not exceed 200 until twenty years ago, it is interesting to face traffic today. This is because stolen cars are allowed to enter the country. Today, the streets of the capital are full of Mercedes and BMW vehicles stolen from European countries. So much so that even the taxis of this poor country are Mercedes.

Less known spectacular beaches

Since Albania’s beaches are hardly heard and there is not enough publicity, many travelers miss the chance to visit the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The sandy beaches along the Albanian coastline provide great opportunities for vacationers to enjoy themselves. It is an invaluable experience to see the hundreds of kilometers of southern coast of Albania, embellished with excellent beaches. The most beautiful beaches in the south of the country are Dhermi, Himare, Ksamil. Located in the cities of Vlore and Sarande. Shengjin beach in Lezhe, north of Albania, has a magnificent beauty with its golden sandy beach and crystal clear water.

The Blue Eye, a short journey from Sranda, is a natural spring water in the town of Delvina that is definitely worth a visit. The surreal image created by the water reaching the surface with bubbles from the ground is the most interesting natural wonder of Albania. The view of the dense forested area and the clear turquoise water surrounding the source is perfect enough to amaze the sighters. Ohrid Lake, the deepest lake in the Balkans, is another beauty in Albania. This is another pleasure of fishing in the clear water of the lake.

When you see the houses of Kruje, you will notice that the change is everywhere in the city. The town of Kruje is also known as a tourism center. This small historic town is 2000 m. settled at the foot of the mountain. 12 km from the city center. away, although it can break your nerves. This is because the city vehicles you use to leave there may leave you in an unsuitable location and you may have to walk the rest of the way. But worth it for that. There are two historical museums in Kruje. One is the Skanderberg Museum, which carries traces from the Ottomans and the other is the Ethnographic Museum, which sheds light on the lives of people living in ancient times. When you see the artifacts in the museums, you may be pleased that you live in the modern age. There are even hotels in this small town. Panorama Hotel can be a good choice with accommodation and a variety of food options.

Albanian cuisine

The Albanian cuisine, which develops in close connection with the historical background, is a synthesis of Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines. In this respect, it is possible to see the Greek, Italian and Ottoman influence. In the light of this information, we can more easily understand the reason for the similarity between Albanian and Turkish. Albanian cuisine is very similar to Turkish cuisine. So much so, they have a similar dishes to our moth. The only difference is the addition of cheddar into it. They call this tile kebab. The dessert they call pastry dessert also looks like baklava. The eggplant Albanian salad is also intense and another delicious dish with eggplant. Main lunch in Albanian cuisine. Fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh green peppers and olives, olive oil and salt are frequently used. In the coastal cities such as Durrë, Avlonia and Sarande, seafood is a must. Sofra, a Turkish restaurant, is one of the famous restaurants in the capital, Tirana.

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