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Antwerb or Anvers, the undisputed capital of the first globalization in the 16th century, accelerated by geographical discoveries and colonization; It is waiting for the visitors who will discover the cultural accumulation enriched by intensive commercial activities that span 6 centuries.

An ancient legend tells that; the mythological giant Druon Antigoon, who later lived in the so-called Antwerp, demanded tribute from those who crossed the Schelde River, which divides the city into two. He cut one of the hands of those who did not pay tribute to the river to teach others. Then one day, the brave Roman soldier named Brabo, defeated Atigoon and cut the giant’s hand into the river.

Based on the event that took place at the end of this legend, the city was named Antwerp, which is derived from the combination of the words ’hand werpen Flemenkçe in Dutch.

This special day, which has been traditionalized by the local people, is celebrated every year around the Brabo Statue in front of the Town Hall.

The second largest port in Europe

Belgium has two languages: French and Flemish. In the French section, the name Antwerp is used and in the Flemish, Antwerp is used. With its trade port, Antwerp has achieved a share of up to 40% of the world trade volume in the 16th century with a wide range of products ranging from sugar to textiles. In the second half of the 16th century, with the start of the 80 Years War and the Spanish occupation of Antwerp and plundering the city, it lost its popularity to the rival city of Amsterdam. Today, the city has the second largest port in Europe. In addition to maritime trade, another important reason for the sparkle of economic life in Antwerp is the fact that approximately 70% of the world’s diamond trade takes place here. Antwerp; London. It is a city that competes with fashion centers like Milan and Paris.

With its long and rich cultural history, Antwerp has many different structures and museums from different periods. The city has recently become a “trendy mekan place with many Dutch artists, actors and writers.

Rubens Cathedral

The city provides all kinds of convenience to its visitors with its bicycles and public transportation network. In the city, which has a population of 507 thousand, the main historical buildings are easily accessible on foot. Stadhuis – Grote Markt (City Hall – Great Market Square) is the most important place in the historical center of the city. The Town Hall is designed with a mix of Gothic and early Renaissance architectural styles. In front of the Town Hall, there is the statue and fountain of Brabo, the hero of the legend, the brave Roman soldier who gave his name to the city. The square also houses the guild houses that are frequently seen in the Dutch cities. Onze Lieve Vrouwekathedraal (Cathedral of Our Holy Lady) welcomes you in all its splendor when you curl to the right from the big market.

One of the fascinating and grand Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe, the building contains the paintings of one of the famous Baroque artists, Peter Paul Rubens. Rubens’s house, which is now used as a museum, is undergoing an intense flow of visitors, right next to the Antwerp Train Station with traces of the Neoclassical style. Built with 19th century design and architecture, the zoo is home to more than 4,000 species and is one of the oldest zoos in the world. When you walk to the right from the zoo, we recommend you to enter the Diamant Museum and get detailed information on how the diamond is extracted and processed. The so-called Diamond Zone, which includes the diamond exchange and shops, is undoubtedly the financial center of the world diamond industry. About 50% of the diamond trade in the city is done by the Jews.

In Antwerp, you can shop at the shops of the famous designers Walter van Beirendonck and Dries van Noten at Kammenstraat. Speaking of shopping, you shouldn’t forget Meir Street.

What to eat in Antwerb

Belgium first comes to mind with beers with 178 different manufacturers and specially designed cups for each product. A few of the most known; De Koninck, Kwak, Duwel and Westmaller. French fries, which we all prefer to eat alongside beer, also have a very important place here.

Rooden Hoed

It’s the oldest restaurant in Antwerp.

Seafood, especially the region’s specialty is highly recommended for those who want to eat mussels.

Oude Koommarkt 25. Antwerp

Da Giovanni

With its location close to the historical square, you can taste different tastes of Italian cuisine.

Jan Blomstraat 3-5-7-8. Antwerp

Lucy Chang

It is an excellent alternative with Far Eastern cuisine dishes in the Southern region where the young population of the city is densely populated.

Mamixplaats 16-17, Antwerp

Muro Turks Eethuis

At the restaurant in the southern part of the city, you can eat the famous meat dishes of Turkish cuisine from Alexander to Carnival and feel at home.
Verschansingstraat 61. Antwerp


You can find a variety of delicious chocolate and confectionery from Belgium.
Where to stay in Antwerb

Ibis Hotel

Radisson BIu Park Lane Hotel
Van Eycklei, 34

The Hilton Hotel
Groenplaats 32

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