Greek Islands Holiday Guide

You should choose the best time to go to the Greek Islands. Spring is short and light rainy around the Aegean Sea; it is therefore suitable for nature activities such as hiking, hiking and mountain biking; The weather is not very hot this season. The weather is constantly clear and beautiful. If you are keen on taking pictures, the Greek islands will offer you spectacular shots in the spring. However, it may be difficult to plan a holiday before the season. Although some will not open until the end of April, the annual opening period of most hotels is Orthodox Easter. The ferry service also continues until the first week of May.

Best time to go to the Greek Islands?

Summer is long and usually warm. Through the Aegean, breezes blowing from Asia to the south and sometimes even turning into storms are softened by the winds. In the summer, the Greek islands are the most crowded. If you are planning to visit the Greek islands in the summer, you should also consider the crowds of tourists. Ferries and small boats that increase their voyages in summer mean more opportunities to travel between the islands. In autumn, the weather gets warmer and less crowded. Activities such as olive harvesting in autumn can be more easily observed.

Remember in the Greek Islands

There is no fixed rule in translating Greek names in Latin letters on maps and road signs. Therefore: you can often see that the name of the same town is spelled differently on two consecutive signs. Chios and Hios; some close names are easily discernible, but some are quite confusing. The islands also have some name problems.

The currency of the islands is Euro. If you settle your foreign exchange transactions before you go, you won’t have any difficulties.

Every island you visit will have its own specialty. Don’t forget to try the islands’ wines, appetizers and great seafood.

Hotels in the Greek Islands


Lemnos Village Here you will find every service you would expect from a 5-star hotel. Located on large grounds, the hotel offers tennis courts, swimming pools, luxurious rooms, restaurants and bars, conference rooms and more.

Inn Ethaleia Ethaleia is a friendly family-run hotel where you will experience a quality that is well above the value of your money. In addition to being located in a secluded area of ​​the island, it is also easy to reach all tourist areas.

Fanaraki Restaurant Reviews, Moudros


Xeııonas Psaron This 5-room small hotel offers all the basic amenities you need. A good option for those looking for comfort at an affordable price.

Psara Apartments is a simple, family-run hotel consisting of 21 rooms, offering a very welcoming and friendly service


Argentikon Luxury Suites This classic Eastern Mediterranean hotel is a wonderful example of Medieval Genoese architecture with every detail. The hotel also has tourism and gastronomy awards and a lush garden with stone paths. You can be pampered in the natural luxury of the hotel.


Alexandra Golden Boutique Hotel

Combining modern comfort, simplicity and peaceful color harmony, the luxury boutique hotel offers its guests the opportunity to be renewed in every sense. All the services you can think of can be provided in the suites with magnificent views.


Patmos Aktis & Spa 5-star Patmos Aktis is located next to Grikos, one of the most impressive beaches on the island of Patmos. Peace and romance prevail, and guests can enjoy the sea, spa treatments and stylish rooms a few steps away in a contemporary sense of luxury.


Hotel Plaza

With 59 rooms and 2 luxurious suites, Hotel Plaza is a great getaway for any holidaymaker. Located on Massouri Beach, the central hotel offers a 5-minute boat ride to the small island of Telendos.


Hotel Panteli Beach Steps away from Panteli Beach, the hotel offers a homely atmosphere with wooden roofs and white walls. You can also rent bicycles or scooters, and the island center is a 5-minute walk away. I


Pyrgos Bouticjue Villas The boutique hotel, consisting of 6 villas of different designs and independent from each other, has achieved a traditional architectural style by using the warmth of stone and wood in the walls and interior design. The view from every villa is completely different and the hotel offers a perfect service.

Restaurants in Greek Islands



At Veroş Village’s gourmet restaurant, Veroş Village offers an authentic experience of Limnos culinary tradition. There is also a shop in the restaurant that sells traditional food and a kitchen with cooking classes.


the Argentikon

The restaurant offers a wide range of Greek & Mediterranean cuisine and you can also find fine red wines. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also extremely stylish and high quality.



You can taste delicious food with a light jazz music in this unpretentious but charming, small and warm atmosphere restaurant, which often uses vegetables and fruits collected from their organic gardens.

Shopping in the Greek Islands


Port of Myrina

The most convenient place to shop in Limnos is Myrina Port. Here you will find many shops selling cheese, honey and wines typical of Limnos Island.


Thyme Honey

Don’t forget to buy thyme honey that you can easily find in many parts of the island and all the visitors coming to the island will definitely buy it.


Masticha Shop Every item sold in this store is made with the famous Chios gum trees. From shampoo to face cream, from liquor to chocolate, from sugar to jam, you can find gum here.

Entertainment in the Greek Islands


Keros Surf Club The surfing center on the east coast of Keros is waiting for visitors of all ages and all levels with its sparkling water to provide a fun surfing experience.


Metropoiis Cafe This entertainment venue, where you can enjoy live music, DJ performances, drinks and snacks all night long, is the best on the island with its neo-classical architectural style.


When exploring the waters of Vasiliadis Diving Club Thassos, you may find yourself in colorful entertainment. Since 1978, the club has been providing professional diving training at the international level and organizing trips abroad.


Artistico Cafe Cafe, bar and restaurant services, as well as the guests who want to spend the night there also offers the accommodation of the cafe, in the evening in harmony with the theme of the island and offers a very pleasant live guitar performances.


Samothraki Dance Festival The festival, organized at the end of August every year, adds a great movement to the calm atmosphere of the island. Acting with the message ‘Dance is here, like never before organizasyon, the organization is also open to new ideas and creativity.


Savana Bar Located in the traditional fishing village of Panteli, the authentic bar has an alternative and fun customer profile. Rock,

In the bar where you can listen to Pop, Soul and Jazz music, you can also enjoy the chat thanks to the music that is not played too loud.

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