Things to Do in Western Ireland

Muckross House, one of Ireland’s most spectacular homes with amazing gardens, foggy lakes and unique landscapes within Killarney National Park, is one of the most spectacular houses in Ireland… Magnificent castles, wonderful nature memiş Untouched beauties that inspire musicians, writers and artists Welcome to Ireland.

Shopping in Ireland

■ An Cafe Liteartha

You can also buy books in English from this café with delicious cakes.

■ Siopa Ceoll

If you are interested in Irish music, this is the right place. An old fisherman turned this place into a music hall and a café.

■ Ena Keogh’s Art Gallery

Galleries in the old Dingle galaxy, Geraldine, Now 90; The venue offers exhibits that you can only find in New York.

Where to Eat in Ireland

■ Murphy’s

Next to the West Kerry Museum, a bar marked Tigui Murcu. In this warm bar you can taste Irish stew and also see stuffed animals.

■ Goat Street Cafe

Discover different flavors. Tajin flavored with stir-fires and Thai curry; For breakfast, lunch and beautiful summer evenings, try here. We especially recommend the hot chorizo ​​salad, fried pears and goat cheese.

■ The Smokehouse

Homemade beers, old but impressive decoration… It deserves to go with magnificent meat dishes.

■ Chapter

Although somewhat reminiscent of Ali Bar One, the relaxed service and high-quality food are great; you should also try the beginnings. (Especially pea and crab soups)

■ The Chart House

Give yourself a chance and try the black egg pudding.

■ Global Village

A completely first class restaurant despite its name. Dingle Bay Seafood, West Kerry Lamb. Irish beef; you can find them all here.

Summer is the hottest time to visit Ireland. It can still be cool at night.

Bars in Ireland

■ Dick Mack’s and Foxy John’s

Both are similar bars in the city and mostly sell beer.

■ Tig Bhric

It’s not the best bar or the most popular in Ireland yet, but it’s clear.
Where to stay in Ireland

»Southbound Holiday Cottages

Located in the eastern hills and right in the center of Dingle, the hotel offers rooms with attractive views. It has a modern decoration; beds comfortable, kitchen successful.

»The Shores

The hotel offers bed and breakfast to the north of Dingle and offers comfortable accommodation with clean gardens, book-covered corridors and beautiful rooms.

»Castlevvood House

The 12-room hotel offers a view of the bay and the friendly staff welcomes you in the best possible way. The breakfast prepared with home made ingredients is great.

»Killamey Park Hotel

The bar with its magnificent mountain view, large and spacious rooms, billiards and whiskey rooms makes this hotel different. Not to mention the spa.

»Gorman’s Clifftop House

If you want mountain views, sea if you want. The hotel has both. Foods prepared with vegetables grown in the garden are delicious. Walking areas are also available.

Places to Visit in Western Ireland

»If rain interferes with outdoor activities, the beautiful Elizabethan mansion in Killarney National Park can be visited alongside Muckross House and Waterford. Waterford, with its crystal splendor, was built in 1861 for Queen Victoria’s visit to the city. Here the bookbinder Paul Curtis is returning the original worn out books.

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